About Me

Presently I am a student of Computer Science & Crop Science at Parkland College in Illinois. Previous to enrolling in school, I was the system admin for Central Oregon Seeds, Inc.

Initially I was very ignorant of farming needs and culture, however I soon realized I needed to catch up, and I needed to spend my free time understanding what technological needs my coworkers and their clients would have. A day finally came when the company I worked for purchased a robot that could pull weeds. It was used, it needed repairs before it could be used, and it dawned on me that robots were about to take agriculture by storm. From the discussions around work, I could see that it made some people a little uneasy knowing that the robot would be potentially replacing human beings. I decided then that there was finally an emerging career that combined my interests.

Okay maybe it just combined three of them…

Realizing that there was a new industry emerging that could potentially have enormous impacts on the life of a farmer – and life on the planet in general – I decided to go back to school so that I could be involved with this new technology and hopefully steer the beast towards an ethical implementation.